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Recent Results

-Case charged as life case with a strike. Case settled for 4 years, non-strike.

-Case charged as 1st degree murder, 2 counts of assault with a deadly weapon, possession of a firearm, and enhancements for personal use of a firearm. Case settled as voluntary manslaughter.

-Client's home raided by SWAT team, weapons seized. After hearing, client's weapons returned and gun rights restored.

-Case charged as felony theft. Case settled as petty theft.

-Case charged as attempted murder. Charge dismissed at preliminary hearing.

-Case charged as robbery with a firearm. Charge dismissed at preliminary hearing. 

-Case charged as human trafficking. Case settled as misdemeanor.

-Felony theft, embezzlement. Case settled as misdemeanor, no jail.

-Attempted murder, life sentence. Case settled for less than 10 yrs.

-Criminal discharge of firearm. Case settled for misdemeanor, no jail.

-Narcotic sales. Case settled for probation

-Battery. Case dismissed

-Child Endangerment charged. Case settled for simple assault.

-Juvenile charged with several violations of probation. After hearing all but one dismissed.  Result: client out of custody.

-Juvenile suspended from high school seeking to expel. After our firm represented student at expulsion hearing, student remains in school.